1. With any stains on garments, DO NOT
TOUCH the stain or attempt to remove it
with water.
FACT: there is a 95% chance of successful
stain removal if the garment has not been
tampered with after being stained.

2. Do not put any club soda, soda water, or ice
on any wine stains.

3. Adding a produc t like hair spray to a stain
will not remove it. Hair sprays contain more
oil these days and thus, can worsen the stain.

4. Perfumes and cologne, which contain
alcohol, can easily discolor a garment. It's
essential to have minimal contact with the
garment when applying perfume or cologne
or apply before getting dressed.

5. Sprinkling talcum powder on grease stains
will not dissolve them but will keep them
from spreading.

Visit the
National Cleaners' Association for
more tips on protecting clothing and fabric.
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